On this 4/20, let’s get high off of the love and grace of Jesus Christ. That’s the real drug, my friends. ;)

There’s absolutely nothing better than the feeling of getting back safely to your riad after getting hella lost at night in the Medina of Marrakech, Morocco.

i’m in morocco, and i should be having a great time, but i feel so fucking lonely.

Trains in Unknown Places

Faces glance and eyes divert
as the racket and rumbling steadily continues.
The yellow incandescent lighting quietly hums
with the contingency of my only means of navigation
against the black eclipsed night.

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I’m definitely in Africa rn
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Ai Weiwei - Forever (2013)
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私に従っ // 音楽 // 動画 // フェイスブック // ブログ
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i’ve pulled three all-nighters in the last week and a half. 

"I thought of you last night and I cried a little. You’re at odds with the world, but you’re not going to win" - my friend Michael to me last night

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